Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau is located near the foot of Wushan Mountain, neighboring the West Lake. It is a component of the Hangzhou Municipal Government, under the dual leadership of Hangzhou Municipal Government and Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Department.

  In respect of institution establishment, Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau insists the principle of “unification, simplification, and high efficiency”. It operates 8 internal institutions, 27 subordinate units, 15 district public security bureaus, and 167 police stations.

  In respect of duty and function, Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau gives full play to the role of attacking crimes, protecting civilians and serving the economic construction, bearing the following duties: implement the guidelines and policies of public security, draft out local regulations; organize and give guidance on 110 alarm work; prevent, give guidance on the investigation of criminal crimes and economic crimes; give guidance and supervision on the public security, and manage household registration, floating population, resident identification card, dangerous goods and special trade; manage and give guidance on the entry and exit and the affairs related to foreigners' residence and travel in Hangzhou; manage the activities of public gatherings, processions and demonstrations; take charge in the supervision and management of fire control; take charge in the security monitoring of public information networks; Undertake other affairs assigned by Hangzhou Municipal government.

  In recent years, Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau spares no effort to form the modern public security force of “dedication, professionalism, justice, and integrity”, deepens the construction of peaceful Hangzhou and lawful Hangzhou, comprehensively fulfills the duties and functions, and ensures the stability of social politics and public security. As a result, Hangzhou becomes one of the safest cities in the nation over the years.
Address: Hangzhou City Huaguang Lane 35, phone: 87280114
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